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Feet Renting in Barcelona.

Lee Filters (per foot) 1/8 CTB (218)

(per foot) 1/8 CTB (218)

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The (per foot) 1/8 CTB (218) is a versatile and high-quality lighting gel that can be used in various settings. Designed for theatre, film, and photography applications, this color correction gel helps to shift the color temperature of artificial light sources, creating a more desired color balance. The (per foot) 1/8 CTB (218) is made from durable materials and can be easily cut to the desired length, offering flexibility and convenience during installation. Whether you need to cool down warm light or match different light sources, this lighting gel provides accurate color correction to achieve optimal lighting conditions. Enhance your creative projects and achieve professional-looking results with the (per foot) 1/8 CTB (218) lighting gel.


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