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Lee Filters (per foot) 0.9ND (211)

(per foot) 0.9ND (211)

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The (per foot) 0.9ND (211) is a cutting-edge product designed for audio enthusiasts who value high-quality sound reproduction. It features advanced noise reduction technology that attenuates background noise to an impressive degree, allowing you to immerse yourself in your audio experiences.

With a noise reduction rating of 0.9ND, this product ensures that even the most subtle details in your music or audio recordings are preserved, providing a pure and clear sound output. The 211 model is specifically designed for optimal performance in a variety of settings, such as studios, home theaters, or live performances.

Constructed with precision and durability in mind, this product offers exceptional performance while maintaining long-lasting reliability. Its sleek and compact design enables easy installation and integration into your audio setup.

Upgrade your audio system with the (per foot) 0.9ND (211) and elevate your sonic experience to new heights. Rediscover your favorite music, movies, or podcasts with enhanced clarity and reduced unwanted noise.


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