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Lee Filters 1/4 Minus Green (249)

1/4 Minus Green (249)

delivered by roll, billed on consumption. 1ft (30cm) = 6€
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Introducing the 1/4 Minus Green (249): the perfect lighting solution for photographers and videographers looking to achieve the ideal color balance.

This high-quality product is designed to effectively remove a portion of green light from your lighting setup, helping you achieve accurate and vivid color tones. With a density of 1/4 Minus Green (249), it provides just the right amount of correction without affecting the overall lighting intensity.

Whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors, the 1/4 Minus Green (249) is an essential tool for correcting green color cast caused by fluorescent lights or natural green-tinted environments. Experience enhanced color accuracy, improved skin tones, and true-to-life images with this simple yet powerful solution.

Constructed with durable materials, this product is reliable and long-lasting. It can be easily attached to your lighting equipment or accessories thanks to its convenient size and design. Plus, it is compatible with a wide range of lighting setups, making it a versatile choice for any photographer or videographer.

Upgrade your photography and videography game with the 1/4 Minus Green (249) and unlock the full potential of your visuals. Say goodbye to unwanted green tints and hello to stunning and accurately balanced colors with this must-have lighting accessory.


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