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Lee Filters 1/2 Minus Green (248)

1/2 Minus Green (248)

delivered by roll, billed on consumption. 1ft (30cm) = 6€
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1/2 Minus Green (248)

The 1/2 Minus Green (248) is a versatile product designed to enhance lighting in various settings. Whether you are a professional photographer, videographer, or simply someone who wants to improve the ambiance of your space, this product is ideal for you.

With a subtle green tint, this filter effectively counteracts excessive redness or warmth in lighting situations. It helps achieve a more balanced color temperature, ensuring that your subjects or surroundings appear natural and true to life.

The 1/2 Minus Green (248) is compatible with a wide range of lighting equipment, including studio lights, flashlights, and even LED bulbs. Its durability and reliability guarantee consistent performance, making it a valuable addition to any lighting setup.

Whether you are working in a photography studio, shooting a film on location, or simply setting up a captivating atmosphere at home, the 1/2 Minus Green (248) will elevate your lighting to the next level.


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