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Lee Filters 100 x 100mm Polar Filter

100 x 100mm Polar Filter

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The Feet100 x 100mm Polar Filter is expertly designed to optimize your photography sessions by reducing glare and enhancing color saturation. This product is specifically made to cater professional photographers and videographers who aim for top quality in their works.

The key features and technical specifications of the Feet100 x 100mm Polar Filter are:

  • Dimensions measuring 100 x 100mm, perfect for use with a variety of camera lenses.
  • Constructed with high-quality optical glass, ensuring clear, crisp images with every use.
  • Features a polarizing feature that efficiently reduces glares and reflections.
  • Equipped with a color enhancing technology for improved saturation and contrast in your images.
  • Comes in a sturdy protective case for safe and easy transport.
  • Fitted with a mounting frame for swift attachment to your camera lens.
  • Can work efficiently in a wide range of temperatures thanks to its high-temperature resistance.

With the Feet100 x 100mm Polar Filter, professional photographers and videographers can achieve optimal results in every photo and video they produce.


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