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Reflectors / Diffusors Renting in Barcelona.

Lastolite Skylite Small Extra Scrim -3/4 diffusor

Skylite Small Extra Scrim -3/4 diffusor

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The Reflectors / DiffusorsSkylite Small Extra Scrim -3/4 diffusor is a compact accessory intended for use in professional photography and videography settings. This piece is an integral part of a lighting setup, designed to manipulate and control light quality and intensity.

Key Features and Technological Specifications:

  • Dimension: The scrim is small, making it suitable for portable, on-the-go applications. Exact product dimensions need to be added.
  • Material: It is made from robust, durable fabric that withstands the rigors of regular use while maintaining its efficacy. Full material specification is not defined.
  • Diffusion Grade: The scrim features a -3/4 diffusion grade, effectively softening and diffusing lighting, reducing its intensity without compromising on quality or creating harsh shadows.
  • Compatibility: It is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of lighting setups, offering flexibility, whether in a studio setting or outdoors.
  • Usage: This scrim can be used independently or as a part of the Skylite system. It can be easily switchable for a quick change of diffusing or reflecting panels.
  • Setup: Its installation is simple and quick, equipped with a well-designed, collapsible frame for easy setup and takedown.
  • Maintenance: Cleaning and maintenance are hassle-free due to the scraper-resistant surface.

This device is an effective tool for professionals aiming to achieve a specific lighting effect. It offers reliability and versatility, making it an essential addition to your photography and videography equipment collection.


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