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Koolehaoda Ball Head (KM-60B)

Ball Head (KM-60B)

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The KM-60B Ball Head is a robust accessories designed for the professional and amateur photographer or videographer. Designed with durability and utility in mind, it can support a large range of cameras and lenses.

Key Features:

  • Intended for Mounting Cameras and Lenses: The KM-60B Ball Head is primarily used to mount a variety of cameras and lenses, providing reliable stability for your photography and videography needs.
  • 360 Degree Panorama: This feature allows for convenience, enabling full panoramic shots without moving the tripod base.
  • Adjustable Drag Control: The KM-60B offers customizable drag control settings, making it easier to adjust your camera position for more precise shooting.
  • Quick-Release Plate: A quick-release plate is incorporated for easy setup and takedown, saving you valuable time in your creative process.

Technical Specifications:

  • Product Model: KM-60B
  • Type of Head: Ball Head
  • Load Capacity: Please specify
  • Weight: Please specify
  • Base Diameter: Please specify
  • Material: Please specify
  • Attachment Type: Please specify

Please ensure that you refer to your camera model's manual to confirm its compatibility with the KM-60B Ball Head.


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