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Kodak Portra 120/135-36 - PRICES ON REQUEST

Portra 120/135-36 - PRICES ON REQUEST

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The Portra 120/135-36 film is a professional-grade photographic film designed to capture stunning and highly detailed images. Available in both 120 and 135 formats, it offers a versatile solution for photographers who require superior film quality.

Featuring advanced color technology, Portra film delivers exceptional skin tones, vibrant colors, and excellent exposure latitude. It is perfect for capturing portraits, landscapes, and everyday scenes with remarkable clarity and fine grain.

With a length of 36 frames, this film allows users to take numerous shots without constantly changing rolls. Whether you are a professional photographer or an enthusiast, Portra 120/135-36 film guarantees exceptional results for all your photographic needs.

Please contact us for pricing details and to order this exceptional film that will elevate your photography to the next level.


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