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Continous Light Renting in Barcelona.

KinoFlo 2 Bank KinoFlo Kit 4'

2 Bank KinoFlo Kit 4'

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The 2 Bank KinoFlo Kit 4' is a versatile lighting solution for professional photographers and videographers. This kit includes two 4-foot long KinoFlo lights with a high output and soft, even lighting. The lights have a built-in ballast that allows for easy control of power and intensity.

The kit also includes two mounting stands for easy setup and positioning of the lights. These stands are adjustable and sturdy, providing stability during use. The lights and stands are lightweight and portable, making them suitable for on-location shoots.

With the 2 Bank KinoFlo Kit 4', you can achieve professional-grade lighting for your photography or videography projects. Whether you are shooting portraits, interviews, or product shots, these lights offer excellent color rendering and control over the light output. Upgrade your lighting setup with this reliable and versatile kit.


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