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Continous Light Renting in Barcelona.

KinoFlo 1 Bank KinoFlo Kit 2'

1 Bank KinoFlo Kit 2'

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The 1 Bank KinoFlo Kit 2' is a versatile lighting solution designed for professional videographers and photographers. It features a compact and lightweight design, making it perfect for on-location shoots and studio setups.

This kit includes a 2-foot long KinoFlo fixture, equipped with a single lamp for excellent light output. The 1 Bank design provides even illumination, ensuring consistent and high-quality results in your photos and videos.

The KinoFlo fixture is built with durable materials and is easy to set up, allowing for quick and hassle-free installation. The included ballast provides flicker-free operation, ensuring smooth lighting without any distractions.

With its adjustable mounting yoke, the 1 Bank KinoFlo Kit 2' offers flexibility in positioning the light to achieve the desired lighting angle. Whether you need soft and diffused lighting or a more focused beam, this kit delivers excellent control over the lighting environment.

Experience professional-grade lighting with the 1 Bank KinoFlo Kit 2'. It is the perfect tool to enhance your creative vision and produce stunning visuals in various shooting scenarios.


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