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Continous Light Accessories Renting in Barcelona.

K5600 Adapter for ETC Source4 on Joker 800

Adapter for ETC Source4 on Joker 800

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The Continuous Light Accessories Adapter is a professional light control accessory designed explicitly for the ETC Source4 on Joker 800. This adapter guarantees a secure and stable connection between your lighting equipment, enabling precise light control, and optimal results. It's particularly useful for professional photographers and videographers who require a high level of control over their lighting.

With its durable construction, it ensures continued excellent performance even in rigorous shooting conditions. This adapter is robustly built to withstand the demands of professional use. Its lightweight design does not contribute to a significant weight increase of your equipment setup, ensuring handling convenience. It seamlessly integrates with the ETC Source4 on Joker 800, maintaining the overall efficiency of your lighting system.

Key Features and Technical Specifications:

  • Designed for ETC Source4 on Joker 800
  • Superior light control capability
  • Durable construction built for professional use
  • Lightweight, convenient to handle
  • Seamless integration with lighting equipment

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