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Computer Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent iWorkCase with Manfrotto 058

iWorkCase with Manfrotto 058

comes with tripod MA 058 and MA 3D head. Specify Inlay.
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The ComputeriWorkCase with Manfrotto 058by is a versatile and highly functional piece of equipment for professional photographers and videographers. This product combines the sleekness of a computer case with the stability of Manfrotto's renowned tripod designs.

The key features of the ComputeriWorkCase include:

  • A spacious case ensuring enough capacity to store a laptop of up to 15 inches easily
  • An inbuilt tripod stand from the globally recognized brand Manfrotto (058by variant)
  • Convenient compartmentalization for photography equipment including lenses, memory cards and USB drives
  • Articulating compartments that can be adjusted to one's personal preferences based on the equipment they carry

The technical specifications of the ComputeriWorkCase with Manfrotto 058by are:

  • The case is constructed from durable materials for extra protection against impact
  • The size dimensions of this case are suitable to fit in most overhead compartments of flights
  • The Manfrotto 058by tripod embedded into the design offers adjustable spread angle and spirit level
  • The tripod extends to a maximum height of 85 inches and a minimum height of 30 inches
  • The case and tripod collectively weigh in at approximately 20 lbs

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