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Inovativ 5/8 Baby Pin Acccesory for Innovativ

5/8 Baby Pin Acccesory for Innovativ

Includes: - 1 baby pin rod - 2 mounting clamps
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The Carts5/8 Baby Pin Accessory for Innovativ is a robust and high-quality accessory designed to complement your photography and videography equipment. It's primarily constructed to increase the versatility and functionality of your Innovativ cart.

The primary feature of this accessory includes a standard 5/8" Baby Pin which is highly compatible with a range of lighting, camera, and grip equipment. Here are the technical specifications:

  • Material: Constructed from high-grade Steel for enhanced durability and strength.
  • Dimensions: This accessory comes in standardized dimensions for versatile use with professional filmmaking equipment.
  • Compatibility: The 5/8" Baby Pin is compatible with most industry-standard equipment, providing a secure and stable mounting platform.
  • Capacity: This Baby Pin is designed to support heavy equipment without compromising its stability and safety.

This product includes the Baby Pin Accessory only and does not come with an Innovativ cart or other accessories. It is essential to check the compatibility of this accessory with your existing equipment.


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