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Flags / Floppies / Scrims Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Hollywood Kit 60 x 75 cm / 24 x 30'

Hollywood Kit 60 x 75 cm / 24 x 30'

includes single net, double net and silk flags.
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The Hollywood Kit 60 x 75 cm / 24 x 30' by Flags / Floppies / Scrims offers essential light manipulation tools for professional photographers and videographers.

Technical Features:

  • The kit includes Flags, Floppies, and Scrims, manufactured from high-quality materials for durability and longevity.
  • The dimensions of the tools measure 60 x 75 cm / 24 x 30', providing substantial coverage when redirecting, diffusing, or cutting light.
  • Each tool has a robust frame to endure usage in various conditions and ensure they maintain their shape.
  • The materials used for the Flags, Floppies, and Scrims are highly resistant to heat, ensuring they can be used near hot lighting equipment without damage.

Additional Technical Specifications:

  • The kit is designed for easy setup and teardown, with lightweight materials for comfortable transportation and storage.
  • The products come with their respective mounting equipment, designed to securely attach them to different types of stands.
  • Each tool is color-coded for easy identification in a busy studio environment.
  • All components are stored in a protective, padded carry bag to safeguard them from potential damage during transit or when not in use.

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