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Tether / Cable Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent HDMI cable (small to normal plug, 2m)

HDMI cable (small to normal plug, 2m)

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The Tether / CableHDMI cable (small to normal plug, 2m) is a specialized device designed for professional photographers and videographers. It offers a solid, reliable connection between your camera and other HDMI-equipped devices, providing high-quality video and audio transmissions. It is robustly built for heavy-duty use, and has a length of 2 meters to allow for ample workspace.

Technical specifications and key features:

  • Plug Type: Features a small to normal HDMI plug for diverse compatibility with multiple devices.
  • Length: The cable measures 2 meters in length, granting you the flexibility to arrange your set-up as needed.
  • Transmission Quality: It offers a seamless, high-quality transmission of both video and audio.
  • Build: It is robustly built to withstand regular professional use. Heavy-duty longevity makes it suitable for the high demands of professional photographers and videographers.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with a range of devices equipped with HDMI ports, allowing for broad appliance integration.

Overall, the Tether / CableHDMI cable (small to normal plug, 2m) is a premium device that meets the technical needs of professional photographers and videographers, offering versatility and high-performance in a robust package. Invest in a cable HDMI that won't let you down in the middle of a shoot.


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