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Hasselblad Rechargeable Battery Grip for H1/H2/H3 and H4

Rechargeable Battery Grip for H1/H2/H3 and H4

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Introducing the Hasselblad Rechargeable Battery Grip for H1, H2, H3, and H4 professional cameras! Designed specifically to enhance your Hasselblad photography experience, this battery grip ensures seamless performance and extended shooting time.

Never miss a moment with its long-lasting lithium-ion battery, offering a reliable power source for your camera. Whether you are capturing breathtaking landscapes or shooting fast-paced action, this battery grip provides the necessary power to extend your shooting sessions and push the boundaries of your creativity.

The ergonomic design of the Hasselblad Rechargeable Battery Grip ensures a comfortable and secure grip, allowing for effortless handling during long shooting sessions. It integrates seamlessly with your Hasselblad camera, ensuring a perfect fit and adding minimal bulk to your setup.

With its advanced battery management system, this battery grip automatically charges the internal battery whenever the camera is connected to a power source. This feature ensures that your camera is always ready to capture those spontaneous and unexpected moments.

Additionally, the Hasselblad Rechargeable Battery Grip provides essential information about the battery's status on the camera's LCD screen, allowing you to monitor the remaining power easily. Say goodbye to unexpected battery drain and confidently venture into longer photo shoots, knowing that you have full control over your camera's power.

Maintain your workflow without disruptions by conveniently recharging the battery grip using the included charger. The charger is designed to efficiently recharge the battery, allowing you to quickly get back to shooting. Furthermore, the battery grip is equipped with an LED indicator, giving you a visual cue about the charging status.

Enhance your photography capabilities and elevate your creative expression with the Hasselblad Rechargeable Battery Grip for H1, H2, H3, and H4 cameras. Get ready to unlock new possibilities and capture more extraordinary moments with this reliable and powerful battery grip by your side.


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