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Hasselblad Battery Charger for H2/H3/H4

Battery Charger for H2/H3/H4

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The Battery Charger for H2/H3/H4 is a high-quality power accessory designed for professional photographers and videographers. This device is specifically created for charging the H2, H3, and H4 battery models effortlessly and effectively.

Key features of the Battery Charger for H2/H3/H4 include:

  • Compatibility: Specifically designed to charge H2, H3, and H4 battery models.
  • Voltage regulation: Features automatic voltage regulation to protect your batteries from over-charging.
  • LED indicators: Integrated with LED light indicators to display the charging status and battery level.
  • Fast Charging: Provides quick and efficient charging functionality for minimum downtime.
  • Safety features: Integrated with multiple safety protections including short-circuit, over-current, and over-voltage protection.
  • Compact Design: It sports a lightweight and compact design for easy pack and travel.

The technical specifications of the Battery Charger for H2/H3/H4 are:

  • Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz.
  • Output: DC 4.2V/8.4V, 600mA.
  • Charging time: Up to 2 hours, depending on the battery capacity.
  • Dimensions: Compact with precise product dimension details to come from the manufacturer.
  • Weight: Lightweight with exact weight details to come from the manufacturer.

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