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Tripods / Heads Renting in Barcelona.

Gitzo Tripod plate (to substitute column)

Tripod plate (to substitute column)

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The Tripods / HeadsTripod plate (to substitute column) is a critical accessory that dramatically enhances the functionality of your tripod setup. It plays an essential role in providing an extra level of stability and ensuring fast, efficient mounting and dismounting of your camera.

The design of the HeadTripod plate is devised to substitute the center column of the tripod head. It emphasizes structurally stable, durable construction that can withstand heavy load capacity and harsh environmental conditions. It pairs excellent rigidity with light weight, accommodating the requirements of all contemporary, digital camera systems.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with most tripod heads: This product is designed for universal use and is compatible with most of the popular tripod head models on the market.
  • Robust construction: The tripod plate to substitute column is constructed from high-strength, lightweight materials that ensure durability and a long lifespan.
  • Stable support: This product offers secure, rock-solid support for your camera, making it an ideal choice for photographers and videographers who require the utmost in stability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: The dimensions of this product have been carefully designed to fit most tripod heads, ensuring wide compatibility.
  • Weight: Despite its robust build, this plate is surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to carry and use in various shooting scenarios.
  • Materials: Made from high-strength, lightweight materials, this product offers the perfect balance of durability and portability.
  • Load capacity: Thanks to its sturdy construction, this plate can support a high load capacity, allowing you to use it with a wide range of cameras and lenses.

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