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Tripods / Heads Renting in Barcelona.

Gitzo Rapid Column, series 5, short

Rapid Column, series 5, short

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The Tripods / HeadsRapid Column, series 5, short is an essential piece of equipment for professional photographers and videographers, due to its robust and reliable design.

The key features of this product are:

  • A lower column section compatible with Series 5 tripods
  • Provides extra reach when needed and shortens for low angle shots
  • Fusion of lightweight and sturdy materials such as carbon fiber and magnesium
  • Robust and rugged design that withstands harsh shooting conditions

The technical specifications of the product include:

  • Length: Short, suitable for compact storage and transportation
  • Series: 5, a popular series in pro equipment
  • Top Attachment: 3/8 inch screw to hold most camera models
  • Bubble Spirit Level: Yes, for accurate framing and shooting
  • Material: Manufactured with Carbon fiber and Magnesium for durability
  • Surface Treatment: Special anti-scratch and -weather paint for a prolonged product lifetime
  • Weighs 0.53 kg, making it light enough for portable use

In conclusion, the Tripods / Heads Rapid Column, series 5, is designed to meet the needs of professional photographers and videographers who need a reliable, flexible, and durable tool in all sorts of environments.


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