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Tripods / Heads Renting in Barcelona.

Gitzo GT5562/3GTS XL (no center column)

GT5562/3GTS XL (no center column)

Minimum height 10cm. Maximum height 278cm.
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The Tripods / HeadsGT5562/3GTS XL by is a specialized hardware designed for professional photographers and videographers. This model is specifically focused on providing superior stability and mobility without the use of a center column.

Key Features:

  • Superior Material: Crafted with high-quality carbon fiber for optimum durability and lightweight operation.
  • Extra Large (XL) Size: The XL descriptor indicates the extra-large size of these tripods, providing a higher than average reach for more versatility in shot composition.
  • No Center Column: The lack of a center column allows for lower angle shooting capabilities and added stability.
  • Quick Setup: The design ensures quick setup and teardown speeds to improve the efficiency of your workflow.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Size: Extra Large (XL)
  • Center Column: None
  • Max Load: Data Missing
  • Max Height: Data Missing
  • Exists Min Height: Data Missing
  • Closed Length: Data Missing
  • Leg Sections: Data Missing
  • Weight: Data Missing

Please note, information about maximum load, maximum and minimum height, closed length, leg sections and weight will be provided once available.


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