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Gimbals / Rigs Renting in Barcelona.

Genus Matte box (4x4") for rails

Matte box (4x4") for rails

includes stages for filters. Required rails not included.
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The Gimbals / RigsMatte box (4x4") for rails is an advanced piece of equipment designed for professional photographers and videographers. It primarily functions to control light entering the camera lens and eliminates unwanted lens flare.

The primary technical specifications and features include:

  • Size: The matte box is designed to hold 4x4 inch filters, suitable for wide range of filming requirements.
  • Material: The box is constructed with highly sturdy and lightweight plastic, ensuring durability and ease of transportation.
  • Compatibility: It's designed to fit onto industry standard 15mm rail systems.
  • Light Control: The box features adjustable side flags and a top flag for superior control over light entering the lens.
  • Filters: The 4x4" matte box accommodates up to two filters simultaneously, increasing options for image manipulation.

In addition to these key features, the matte box also shows several high-functioning characteristics:

  • Flag Locks: It includes easy lock system for flags, enabling quick adjustments on the field.
  • Knobs: The precise adjustment knobs enable refined control over the positioning of the box relative to the lens.
  • Weight: The lightweight design eliminates unnecessary strain on the camera rig when mounted.

The Gimbals / RigsMatte box (4x4") for rails is an essential piece of equipment for any professional photographer or videographer looking to improve their light control and achieve higher quality imagery.


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