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Batteries / Chargers Renting in Barcelona.

Fuji NP-W235 for GFX 100s/100 II

NP-W235 for GFX 100s/100 II

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The Batteries / Chargers NP-W235 is a power solution designed with the needs of professional videographers and photographers in mind. Ideal for use with GFX 100s/100 II cameras, this battery ensures optimal device performance.

The key features of the NP-W235 Battery / Charger include:

  • High Capacity: The NP-W235 offers a high-capacity charge, designed to keep your camera functioning during crucial shooting moments.
  • Lithium Ion Technology: This technology offers rechargeable capabilities, allowing users to recycle their battery for multiple uses without sacrificing power.
  • Strict Quality Control: Manufactured under strict quality control guidelines, the NP-W235 ensures a design both durable and reliable.
  • Precision Compatibility: Designed specifically for GFX 100s/100 II cameras, for optimal integration and functionality.

The technical specifications of the NP-W235 Battery / Charger are as follows:

  • Model: NP-W235
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
  • Output Voltage: 7.2V
  • Capacity: 2200mAh/15Wh
  • Charge Time: Approximately 130 minutes
  • Compatible with GFX 100s/100 II Cameras

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