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Foba Ball Head (Superball M-1)

Ball Head (Superball M-1)

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The Superball M-1 Tripod Ball Head is a feature-packed support system specially designed for professional photographers and videographers. Perfect for supporting DSLRs, Medium Format System Cameras, and video devices, the Superball M-1 provides the stability, precision control, and flexibility that demanding photographers require.

Key Features:

  • The Superball M-1 is constructed from lightweight, durable materials for long-term use and ease of transportation.
  • It supports a maximum load capacity of up to X kg, accommodating a variety of professional equipment.
  • The ball head is designed with a distinctive 'SuperLock' system that offers friction control and prevents accidental loosening.
  • It's equipped with a quick-release plate system that allows fast and convenient setup.
  • The patented Tilt Function allows for precise and individual camera alignment.
  • The fine-tuning knob and gradient scale offer precise control and accuracy.

Technical Specifications:

  • Product Weight: X kg
  • Maximum Load Capacity: X kg
  • Material: High Grade Aluminium or Carbon Fiber (as per the specific model)
  • Height: X cm
  • Base Diameter: X cm
  • Ball Diameter: X cm
  • Quick Release Plate Dimensions: X cm x X cm

Please note that the technical specifications may vary slightly depending on the specific model.


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