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Filters Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Filter Adapter (each)

Filter Adapter (each)

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The FiltersFilter Adapter is a specialized device designed to aid professional photographers and videographers. Its primary purpose is to make possible the attachment of various filters to the lenses that otherwise wouldn't accommodate these. Below are its primary technical features and specifications:

  • Material: The FiltersFilter Adapter is made from high strength, precision-engineered metal for maximum durability and resilience. This ensures its robustness despite frequent change of filters.

  • Compatibility: This filter adapter is highly versatile and can adapt to various filter sizes, making it a perfect solution irrespective of the filter's brand or model. It accommodates filters ranging from 30mm to 82mm in diameter.

  • Easy Installation: The design facilitates quick and easy installation, with a simple screw-in method to connect filters with the lens. This allows for effortless switching between different filters based on the photographer's needs.

  • Lightweight: Despite its metal construction, the adapter manages to remain lightweight. This compact and light design makes it easy for professionals to carry it along with other gear without bulking up their bags.

  • Design: It offers a streamlined design that does not interfere with the optical path of the lens. This guarantees quality, unaltered output even with the attachment of different filters.

In conclusion, the FiltersFilter Adapter allows photographers and videographers to easily use various filters with their different lenses thereby, expanding their creative potential and enabling them to optimize the lighting conditions to best suit their needs.


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