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LocLum Filter Adapter 82mm - 95mm step up

Filter Adapter 82mm - 95mm step up

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The FiltersFilter Adapter provides a safe and efficient solution for photographers and videographers who need to fit a larger filter onto a smaller lens. Its primary purpose is to allow the use of 95mm filters on lenses with an 82mm diameter.

Key Features:

  • Step-up Adapter: The FiltersFilter adapter is a step-up version, designed to fit larger 95mm filters onto smaller 82mm lenses.
  • Durable Material: It is constructed from high-quality aluminium, ensuring durability and long term use.
  • Screw-on Design: This adapter features a simple screw-on design for easy and secure attachment to your lens.
  • Wide Compatibility: Though primarily designed for 82mm to 95mm usage, the adapter is compatible with all 82mm lens threads and 95mm filters.

Technical Specifications:

  • Product Type: Filter Adapter
  • Adapter Type: Step-up
  • Main Material: Aluminium
  • Adapter Size: 82mm (lens side) - 95mm (filter side)
  • Weight: Approximate, based on material and size

It's important to note that while the adapter maintains the optical quality of the lens, some vignetting might occur when used with wide-angle lenses. Always check your equipment specifications for compatibility before purchase.


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