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Extra Cleaning Fee

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The ServicesExtra Cleaning Feeby is a service aimed at maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of your equipment. The following are its key features and technical specifications:

  • The service applies to any type of photography or videography equipment.
  • Cleaning processes are done using specialized agents that are suitable for diverse materials, and won't cause any harm or damage.
  • The service includes both interior and exterior cleaning. This ensures that your equipment remains in good working condition all around.
  • ServicesExtra Cleaning Feeby uses qualified professionals with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every crevice and corner is thoroughly cleaned.
  • This service provides a regular maintenance schedule, ensuring that your equipment remains at its optimum operating capacity.
  • The service also includes a comprehensive inspection to identify potential problems that may lead to equipment breakdown later on.

Please note that further terms and conditions may apply depending on the nature of the equipment and the level of cleaning needed.


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