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Softbox Attachments Renting in Barcelona.

DoP SnapGrid 40º for Chimera Softbox Small

SnapGrid 40º for Chimera Softbox Small

60 x 80 cm / 2 x 2.5'
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The SnapGrid 40º for Chimera Softbox Small by DoPchoice is a lighting control tool designed for professional photographers and videographers.


  • Constructed from a sturdy and lightweight fabric, the SnapGrid is highly durable.
  • It effortlessly attaches to your Chimera Softbox Small to narrow the lighting spread to 40 degrees.
  • It offers a simplified setup and teardown process with no mounting frames required.
  • Its unique design allows for quick installation and easy storage, thanks to its collapsible structure.
  • The SnapGrid is also compatible with a broad range of softboxes, increasing its versatility and usability in different project scenarios.

Its dimensions when open are 24" x 32" (61cm x 81cm) and when folded are 13.75" diameter x 2.75" depth (35cm diameter x 7cm depth).

It weighs only 0.66 lb (0.3 kg), making it highly portable and easy to transport.

This Softbox AttachmentsSnapGrid 40º will be an excellent addition for photographers and videographers demanding more precise control over their lighting setups.


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