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Continous Light Renting in Barcelona.

Desisti Tungsten 650 W Fresnel

650 W Fresnel

Includes 4 scrims and 1 filter holder.
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The 650 W Fresnel is a powerful lighting solution designed to deliver precise and controllable light beams for professional photography and film production. With its adjustable lens, this Fresnel light allows users to easily adjust the focus and spread of light, offering versatile illumination options for different scenes and subjects.

Equipped with a 650-watt tungsten halogen bulb, this Fresnel light provides a bright, uniform output, perfect for lighting up large areas or creating dramatic lighting effects. The rugged construction ensures durability and reliability even in challenging shooting conditions.

Featuring a built-in dimmer, the 650 W Fresnel allows for precise intensity control, enabling users to create the desired lighting ambiance. The heat-resistant knob ensures safe handling and easy adjustments during use.

Designed for professional use, this Fresnel light is compatible with a wide range of professional lighting accessories, including barn doors, scrims, and gels, allowing for further customization and light shaping. Its compact and portable design makes it ideal for on-location shoots and easy transportation.

Overall, the 650 W Fresnel combines power, versatility, and professional features to provide photographers and filmmakers with a reliable lighting solution that enhances their creativity and helps them achieve their desired lighting effects.


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