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Continous Light Renting in Barcelona.

Desisti Tungsten 2 KW Fresnel

2 KW Fresnel

Includes 4 scrims and 1 filter holder.
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2 KW Fresnel

The 2 KW Fresnel is a professional lighting fixture that offers superior control and versatility for your lighting needs. Built with high-quality materials and advanced technology, it delivers precise and consistent light output, making it ideal for theaters, film sets, and events.

This powerful Fresnel light features a robust 2 KW bulb, providing bright and focused illumination. Its adjustable lens allows you to precisely control the beam angle, from a narrow spotlight to a wide floodlight, to suit your specific requirements.

The 2 KW Fresnel is designed for ease of use and convenience. It comes with intuitive controls for adjusting intensity and focus, ensuring effortless operation. Additionally, its sturdy construction and heat-resistant body ensure safe and reliable performance, even during extended use.

With the 2 KW Fresnel, you can achieve professional-grade lighting effects and create the perfect ambience for any setting. Whether you're illuminating a stage, capturing stunning shots on a film set, or highlighting architectural features at an event, this versatile lighting solution will exceed your expectations.

Invest in the 2 KW Fresnel and take your lighting to the next level with its unbeatable performance, reliability, and flexibility.


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