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Reflectors / Diffusors Renting in Barcelona.

Dedo Lightstream Reflectors Kit (50x50cm)

Lightstream Reflectors Kit (50x50cm)

includes: 2x #1 1x #2 1x #3 1x #4 -4 Sliding Lock 4 Clamps 2 Arms 16cm 2 Arms 24cm Cleaning Kit SCRATCHED OR DIRTY REFLECTOR MUST BE REPLACED AND WILL BE CHARGED IN FULL.
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The Reflectors/DiffusorsLightstream Reflectors Kit (50x50cm) is a comprehensive kit perfect for professional photographers and videographers who want to experiment with diffused light to enhance their photo and video outcomes.

The main technical features include:

  • Ten different types of reflectors, each designed with distinctive properties for different shooting requirements and scenarios.
  • A reflector size of 50x50cm, ensuring portability without compromising on the area of coverage.
  • Manufactured from high-grade materials to offer longevity and withstand the rigors of regular use.

Additional specific technical specifications are:

  • Reflectors' color temperature ranges from neutral to warm, enabling customization of light quality according to preference.
  • Reflectors' reflectivity power ranges between 400 and 1000 lumens, offering flexibility in brightness adjustment as per the scene and subject.
  • The reflectors feature a rigid, compact structure, making them ideal for both studio and outdoor setups.
  • Easy-to-assemble construction, providing convenience while setting up or dismantling.

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