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Continous Light Renting in Barcelona.

Dedo HMI 400 W Kit (1 lamp, excluding lenses)

HMI 400 W Kit (1 lamp, excluding lenses)

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HMI 400 W Kit (1 lamp, excluding lenses)

The HMI 400 W Kit (1 lamp) is a powerful lighting solution designed for professional photographers and filmmakers. This kit includes a high-quality HMI 400-watt lamp that delivers a bright and natural light source suitable for various shooting environments.

Featuring a compact and portable design, this kit offers versatility and ease of use, making it ideal for both studio and on-location shoots. The HMI 400 W Kit is easy to set up and ensures consistent lighting throughout your project.

Please note that lenses are not included in this kit, allowing you to choose the perfect lens for your specific needs. Compatible lenses can be easily attached to the HMI lamp, enabling precise control over light direction and focus.

Enhance your photography and filmmaking capabilities with the HMI 400 W Kit (1 lamp, excluding lenses). Capture stunning, well-lit shots with this reliable and user-friendly lighting solution.


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