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Tether / Cable Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent D-Tap Splitter 4-way

D-Tap Splitter 4-way

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The Tether / CableD-Tap Splitter 4-way is a power distribution accessory specifically designed for professional videography and photography applications. This accessory provides an efficient power distribution solution effortlessly, dividing a single D-tap output into four separate power outputs.

Technical specifications and key features:

  • A four-way power delivery system that enables you to connect up to four devices to a single D-Tap power source.
  • A compact and lightweight design making it ideal for mobile setups and on-location shoots.
  • It has a full D-tap splitter length of 75cm, ensuring enough distance between connected devices.
  • Constructed with quality and durable materials for longevity and reliable performance.
  • The power interface has a custom 2 Pin male to multi-tap design enabling a wide range of connections.
  • It operates effectively under a high load capacity, ensuring optimal functioning under intense working conditions.

This technical accessory brings convenience and efficiency, making it an essential addition for professional photographers and videographers needing a reliable power distribution solution on busy shooting sites.


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