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Background Roll Renting in Barcelona.

Colorama Background Roll 2,70 x 11 m / 9 x 36'

Background Roll 2,70 x 11 m / 9 x 36'

Please have a look at the Colorama Swatch Card, choose the color and add it in the comment field in your quote.
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The Background Roll 2,70 x 11 m / 9 x 36' is a professional-grade background solution for photographers and videographers. Featuring a seamless roll of paper, this product ensures smooth and consistent backgrounds for various shoots. Its large size makes it suitable for a range of applications.

Its key features and technical specifications are as follows:

  • Measurements: The background roll measures 2.70 x 11 meters or approximately 9 x 36 feet, providing ample space for full-body shots and group photos.
  • Material: Made from high-quality seamless paper. The seamless design ensures there are no visible joints, offering a clean and consistent background.
  • Weight: The product is lightweight and easy to handle, minimizing the trouble of setup and takedown.
  • Usage: The product is designed for professional use, applicable in photography and videography for a variety of genres from fashion to product photography.
  • Storage: It can be easily rolled up for convenient storage, maintaining its pristine condition and making it long-lasting.
  • Color: The background roll comes in a standard white shade, but is available in multiple colors as per requirement.

In conclusion, The Background Roll 2,70 x 11 m / 9 x 36' is a hassle-free and quality background solution for professional photo and video shoots.


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