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Softbox Attachments Renting in Barcelona.

Chimera Soft Grid 60º for Chimera Softbox Small

Soft Grid 60º for Chimera Softbox Small

60 x 80 cm / 2 x 2.5'
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The Soft Grid 60º for Chimera Softbox Small is an essential accessory for professional photographers and videographers aiming to get precise control over lighting in their shots. This soft grid is designed specifically for the Chimera small softbox, providing a superb solution to manage the light direction and focus.

Featuring a solid construction, this 60-degree grid attaches to the front of the Chimera softbox. It incorporates central grid seals that contain the light spread and reduce spill from the sides. This design encourages uniform light dispersion, with a 60-degree spread to the output that helps to provide a more shaped and directed beam of light.

Here are the key features and technical specifications:

  • Design: Designed specifically for Chimera small softboxes
  • Setup: Easily affixable to the front of the softbox
  • Construction: Robust fabric construction to ensure durability
  • Function: Controls direction and focus of light to reduce unwanted light spill
  • Degree Spread: Provides a shaped and directed 60-degree beam of light
  • Seals: Centralized grid seals for uniform light dispersion

The Soft Grid 60º for Chimera Softbox Small supports shaping and controlling light dispersion to depict your subjects in the most optimal manner. It is an indispensable addition to any professional lighting setup.


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