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Soft-/ Octaboxes Renting in Barcelona.

Chimera Softbox Medium, 90 x 120 cm / 3 x 4'

Softbox Medium, 90 x 120 cm / 3 x 4'

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The Soft-/ OctaboxesSoftbox Medium, 90 x 120 cm / 3 x 4' is a lighting modifier that provides even and smooth illumination. It's primarily utilized in professional photography and videography to reduce harsh shadows and distribute light evenly around the subject.

The product features include:

  • Measurements: The Softbox measures 90 x 120 cm or 3 x 4 feet, offering a medium-sized footprint for versatile use in various shooting environments.
  • Shape: The Octabox shape enables a 360-degree dispersal of light, this helps to evenly spread light throughout the scene, thereby minimizing shadows and enhancing the depth and details of the subject.
  • Interior: The Silver reflective interior of the Softbox enables a high light output, and the removable double diffusion panels allow you to adjust the softness of the light to suit your needs.
  • Mount: It features a universal mount compatible with most major flash brands, making it highly adaptable. It also consists of a rotating speedring, which makes changes to the light angle quick and easy.
  • Construction: Constructed of high-quality, heat-resistant materials, the durability, and reliability of this Softbox are excellent. The design ensures long-lasting use even in demanding professional environments.
  • Transport: This modifier's collapsible design and the included carrying case make for easy storage and transport, adding to its convenience.

The Soft-/ OctaboxesSoftbox Medium, 90 x 120 cm / 3 x 4' is a suitable tool for professionals looking for a robust and versatile light modifier. Its detailed specifications and key features combine to make it a valuable addition to any photography or videography kit.


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