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Canon RF Lens Renting in Barcelona.

Canon RF 5.2mm/2.8 L Dual Fisheye

RF 5.2mm/2.8 L Dual Fisheye

includes lens cap, hood and LocLum lens cleaning tissue.
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The RF 5.2mm/2.8 L Dual Fisheye is a state-of-the-art lens designed for professional photographers and videographers. It offers a unique perspective with its dual fisheye design, capturing immersive wide-angle shots with incredible clarity.

With a focal length of 5.2mm, this lens provides an ultra-wide field of view, allowing you to capture scenes like never before. Whether you are shooting landscapes, architecture, or action shots, the RF 5.2mm/2.8 L Dual Fisheye delivers stunning results.

Equipped with a maximum aperture of 2.8, this lens performs exceptionally well in low-light conditions. It lets you capture sharp and detailed images even in challenging lighting situations, making it an ideal choice for nighttime photography or indoor shooting.

The RF 5.2mm/2.8 L Dual Fisheye is built with high-quality materials and advanced optical technology, ensuring superior image quality and durability. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, allowing you to take it on all your photography adventures.

Experience a new level of creativity and unleash your artistic vision with the RF 5.2mm/2.8 L Dual Fisheye. Add this exceptional lens to your gear and take your photography to new heights.


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