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Lens Extender Renting in Barcelona.

Canon Extender EF 2x III

Extender EF 2x III

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The Lens Extender Extender EF 2x III is an advanced optical product designed to enhance the focal length of your camera lenses. This extender is compatible with most EF-mount lenses and Telephoto lens. It doubles the focal length of compatible lenses, thereby allowing photographers and videographers to capture distant subjects with a clearer and sharper image.

The technical specifications of the Lens Extender Extender EF 2x III include:

  • Full compatibility with most EF-mount lenses and telephoto lenses.
  • 2x magnification factor, effectively doubling the focal length of attached lenses.
  • Super Spectra coating, which reduces ghosting and lens flare while improving color accuracy and contrast.
  • Fluorine coating, which resists smudging and makes cleaning easier.
  • Built-in microcomputer for seamless communication between camera body, lens, and extender.

Built with seven optical elements in five groups, the Lens Extender Extender EF 2x III ensures high-quality image reproduction. It also has a durable construct with dust and water resistance, supporting optimal performance in adverse weather conditions.

In terms of physical attributes:

  • Diameter: 72.0mm
  • Length: 52.7mm
  • Weight: 325g

Please note that the use of the Lens Extender Extender EF 2x III reduces the effective aperture of the attached lens by two stops.


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