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Canon EF Lens Renting in Barcelona.

Canon EF 800 mm/5.6 L IS

EF 800 mm/5.6 L IS

includes lens cap and LocLum lens cleaning tissue.
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The Canon EF 800mm f/5.6L IS is a professional-grade camera lens designed for photographers and videographers who demand superior image quality and durability. The lens is constructed with Canon's advanced image stabilization technology, enabling steady hand-held shooting at up to four shutter speeds slower than otherwise possible.

This prime super-telephoto lens features fluorite and UD elements for excellent color correction and sharpness throughout its aperture range. It also includes a powerful ring-type ultrasonic motor (USM) for fast and silent autofocusing, and full-time manual focus override. An added Power Focus (PF) mode allows for smooth focus adjustments while filming.

The lens features a robust dust and moisture-sealed construction, a protective fluorine coating that resists smears and fingerprints, and lightweight magnesium alloy lens barrel materials to balance the weight and ease of transport.

Key features:
  • Super Telephoto, 800mm, f/5.6 maximum aperture,
  • Fluorite and UD lens elements,
  • Image Stabilizer with up to 4 stops of correction,
  • Ring-type Ultrasonic Motor autofocus with full-time manual override,
  • Power Focus mode for smooth focus adjustments while filming,
  • Dust and moisture-resistant construction,
  • Fluorine anti-smear lens coating,
  • Safe and transport friendly thanks to the lightweight magnesium alloy lens barrel.

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