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Lens Adapter Renting in Barcelona.

Canon Canon R-Mount (camera) to Canon EF (lens)

Canon R-Mount (camera) to Canon EF (lens)

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The Lens Adapter Canon R-Mount (camera) to Canon EF (lens) is a valuable piece for professional photographers and videographers who want to adapt their Canon EF lenses to Canon R-Mount system cameras. This adapter ensures the same uncompromising performance of the EF lenses. Take a look at the technical specifications and key features below:

  • Brand: Canon
  • Type: Lens Adapter
  • Compatible Body Mount: Canon R-Mount
  • Compatible Lens Mount: Canon EF
  • Build Material: High-resistant metal
  • Weight: Approximately 130 grams

This adapter is designed to fit securely between Canon EF lenses and Canon R-Mount system cameras, ensuring optimum optical alignment and a solid connection that provides the highest possible image quality.

Inner linings are made with matte materials to reduce internal reflections and ensure clarity of images. It is professionally built to resist moisture and dust particles, which enhances its durability even in tough conditions.

While maintaining the full functionality and performance of the lens, this adapter also enables the user to utilize Canon EF lenses with R-Mount cameras without inflicting any loss on the lens performance.

Note: The adapter's build and design do not allow for auto-focus function when connected to an EF-S lens. This product is specifically designed for Canon EF lenses.


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