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Tripods / Heads Renting in Barcelona.

Cambo UST Column Tripod, 3m/9ft.

UST Column Tripod, 3m/9ft.

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The UST Column Tripod is a professional-grade photography and videography support system designed for stability and precision. With a maximum height of 3m or 9ft, it provides versatile setup options for various shooting scenarios.

The key features and technical specifications of the UST Column Tripod are detailed below:

  • Height: The tripod extends up to a maximum height of 3 meters (9 feet) and can be adjusted to lower positions for flexibility.
  • Material: Made of durable carbon fiber, the tripod ensures strength and stability while remaining relatively lightweight. This makes it suitable for location shoots and outdoor locations.
  • Head Attachment: The tripod features an easy-to-use head attachment, allowing for seamless and quick changes between different heads depending on the demands of your shoot or project.
  • Locking System: Equipped with a secure locking system, this tripod ensures that your camera maintains a steady position throughout your shooting session.
  • Load Capacity: Designed to support professional equipment, the UST Column Tripod has a significant load capacity. This allows it to securely hold heavy cameras and lenses.
  • Portability: Despite its extendable design and hardy construction, the tripod is also designed for portability with easy assembly and disassembly features. Its compact design allows for convenient storage and transport.

In summary, the UST Column Tripod is a professional tool that offers the flexibility and support essential to accommodate a range of professional photography and videography requirements.


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