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Broncolor Light Shapers Renting in Barcelona.

Broncolor Para Adapter for Profoto Heads

Para Adapter for Profoto Heads

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The Para Adapter for Profoto Heads is an essential accessory for photographers using Profoto lighting equipment. This innovative adapter allows seamless compatibility between the popular Profoto heads and Para light modifiers.

Featuring a sturdy construction, the Para Adapter ensures a secure and stable connection, preventing any wobbling or movement during shoots. With its reliable and precise design, photographers can focus solely on capturing their subjects without any distractions or concerns regarding the setup.

Designed to simplify the workflow, the Para Adapter allows for quick and effortless attachment and detachment of Profoto heads to the Para light modifiers. This saves valuable time and makes transitioning between different lighting setups a breeze.

Enhance your photography with the Para Adapter for Profoto Heads, ensuring compatibility, stability, and efficiency in your lighting setup. Capture stunning images with ease using this indispensable tool for professional photographers.


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