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Broncolor Light Shapers Renting in Barcelona.

Broncolor Para 88 P Kit

Para 88 P Kit

includes 2 x diffusers 1/4 and full stop, 1 x focusing tube,1 x focusing device, 1 x tilt head.
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The Para 88 P Kit is a versatile and powerful portable lighting solution designed for professional photographers and videographers. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to create stunning images and videos on the go.

Featuring the Para 88 P, a large parabolic umbrella with a diameter of 88 inches, this kit provides a broad and even light spread, ideal for capturing portraits, fashion, and product photography. The umbrella is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance.

The Para 88 P Kit includes a sturdy aluminum stand with adjustable height, allowing you to easily position the umbrella according to your needs. The stand also features a convenient carrying case for easy transportation and storage.

In addition, this kit includes a powerful and reliable strobe light that can be easily attached to the umbrella. With its adjustable power output, you can easily control the intensity of the light to achieve the perfect exposure for your shots.

Whether you are a professional photographer or a passionate hobbyist, the Para 88 P Kit is a must-have tool for your photography arsenal. Experience professional-quality lighting on location with ease and convenience.


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