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Broncolor Light Shapers Renting in Barcelona.

Broncolor Grid set for P50

Grid set for P50

10, 20, and 30 degrees.
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The Broncolor Grid set for P50 is a state-of-the-art lighting accessory designed for professional photographers and videographers. This set includes three honeycomb grids to provide focused lighting and deliver an extra level of precision for your projects.

Key Features:

  • The set includes grids with three different sizes: fine (0.12-inch cells), medium (0.24-inch cells) and large (0.47-inch cells).
  • These grids are Compatible with Broncolor P50 reflector.
  • Each grid helps control the light spread by confining the beam angle. The fine grid gives a 30-degree spread, the medium a 20-degree spread, and the large a 10-degree spread.
  • The grids are simple and quick to attach or detach thanks to their innovative magnetic design.

Technical Specifications:

  • Product Type: Light Shaper, Grid Set
  • Brand: Broncolor
  • Compatibility: Broncolor P50 Reflector
  • Grid Sizes: Fine (0.12"), Medium (0.24"), Large (0.47")
  • Beam Angle: Fine (30°), Medium (20°), Large (10°)
  • Attachment type: Magnetic

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