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Broncolor Light Shapers Renting in Barcelona.

Broncolor Beautydish Reflector P (silver)

Beautydish Reflector P (silver)

without diffusor.
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The Broncolor Light ShapersBeautydish Reflector P (silver) is an advanced professional light control accessory, specifically crafted for professional photographers and videographers. Engineered with innovative design and top-notch technology, this light shaper helps you achieve precise, efficient and uniform light distribution across the entire photo or video footprints.

With its silver finish, the reflector enables clear and sharper contrasts. The high-quality material used in its construction guarantees durability, longevity, and minimal light absorption. The reflector's compact construction and lightweight design offer easy portability, making it a handy tool for indoor and outdoors shoots.

Below are the key features and technical specifications:
  • Design: Polished silver finish.
  • Material: High-quality reflective surface.
  • Size: Sufficiently large for comprehensive illumination control.
  • Light Distribution: Precise and uniform, best for creating softer, flattering light effects.
  • Application: Ideal for professional photography and videography.
  • Weight: Lightweight for easy movement and transportation.

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