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Briese Modul Focus 77 HMI 1,2 KW

Modul Focus 77 HMI 1,2 KW

includes 1 x bulb kit with cotton gloves and alcohol wipes, 2 x diffusors, 1 x stand mount, 1 x emergency kit. Running hours (€6) billed seperately.
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The Modul Focus 77 HMI 1,2 KW is an advanced and versatile lighting solution designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals in the film and television industry. This high-quality HMI lighting fixture offers a power output of 1,200 Watts, providing a strong and consistent light source for any production.

Equipped with a modular design, the Modul Focus 77 HMI can easily adapt to various shooting scenarios and configurations. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it portable and convenient for on-location shoots. The user-friendly interface ensures easy operation and quick adjustments, allowing users to focus on capturing the perfect shot.

The Modul Focus 77 HMI features advanced heat dissipation technology, which ensures efficient cooling during extended use. This not only enhances the longevity of the fixture but also enhances safety during prolonged shoots. The rugged build and durable materials of the Modul Focus 77 HMI make it a reliable choice for demanding environments.

With its powerful output, adaptability, and reliability, the Modul Focus 77 HMI 1,2 KW is a must-have lighting solution for professionals seeking consistent and high-quality lighting for their film and television productions.


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