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Continous Light Renting in Barcelona.

Briese Modul Focus 220 Tungsten 2 KW

Modul Focus 220 Tungsten 2 KW

includes 1 x bulb, 2 x diffusors, 1 x stand mount. Lamp needs connection for 16A Schuko.
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The Modul Focus 220 Tungsten 2KW is a high-performance lighting fixture designed for professional use. This durable and reliable product features a tungsten 2KW lamp, ideal for illuminating large indoor or outdoor spaces.

The modular design of the Modul Focus 220 allows for easy installation and flexibility in creating various lighting setups. It comes with an adjustable beam angle, allowing users to adjust the focus and spread of light to suit their specific requirements.

Equipped with advanced cooling technology, this lighting fixture maintains optimal performance without overheating. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting usage even in demanding environments.

With its powerful output and versatile features, the Modul Focus 220 Tungsten 2KW is the perfect choice for stage productions, concerts, events, or any situation that requires high-quality and adjustable lighting.


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