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Briese Light Shapers Renting in Barcelona.

Briese Egg Crate for Umbrella Focus 220

Egg Crate for Umbrella Focus 220

includes diffusor screen.
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The Briese Egg Crate for Umbrella Focus 220 is a premium accessory designed to enhance and modify the light spectrum created by your photographic equipment. Created for professionals, this practical tool serves to aid serious photographers and videographers by providing precise light control.

Constructed from high-quality, robust material, it offers excellent durability and reliability in consistent use. This accessory is a great fit for the Umbrella Focus 220, attaching with ease and able to withstand the demands of varying location conditions.

Its unique design consists of restrictive cells that manage spillover light, optimizing output and directional control. It's perfect for guiding light, reducing spread, and drawing attention to key areas in your photographic compositions.

Key features and technical specifications of the Briese Light Shapers Egg Crate for Umbrella Focus 220 include:

  • Specially designed to fit the Umbrella Focus 220
  • Constructed from durable, high-quality materials
  • Optimizes light outputs for sharper images
  • Reduces light spill to increase the highlight-to-shadow contrast
  • Easy to attach and remove, convenient for varying location conditions

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