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Briese Light Shapers Renting in Barcelona.

Briese Eggcrate for Downlight

Eggcrate for Downlight

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The Briese Eggcrate for Downlight is a top-tier light control accessory tailored for professional photographers and videographers. A superior precision tool that complements Briese downlights, it is designed to effectively shape and manipulate light to capture optimal images and footage.

With its unique grid-like design, the eggcrate improves the direction of the light, isolating areas that require precision lighting while restraining light overspill. It allows for perfect control over your subject's illumination, concern for unwanted wide-spread diffusion is eliminated or significantly reduced.

Manufactured with durable, lightweight materials, the Briese Light Shapers Eggcrate is a reliable accessory able to enhance the depth, contrast, and quality of your visuals.

Key features and technical specifications:

  • Designed as an attachment for Briese downlights.
  • Superb light control-enables precise lighting and minimizes light spill.
  • Durable and lightweight materials - providing strength and ease of use for professionals.
  • Ideal for professional photographers and videographers seeking to improve depth, contrast, and detail in images and footage.

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