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Continous Light Renting in Barcelona.

Briese Downlight Tungsten 2 KW

Downlight Tungsten 2 KW

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The Downlight Tungsten 2 KW is a powerful lighting solution specifically designed for professional applications. Featuring a sleek and durable design, this product is perfect for illuminating large spaces such as warehouses, factories, event venues, and outdoor areas.

With a power output of 2 KW, this downlight provides a bright and efficient lighting experience. Its tungsten filament ensures excellent color rendering and a warm, inviting atmosphere for any setting.

Designed for easy installation, the Downlight Tungsten 2 KW is compatible with standard electrical connections, making it effortless to incorporate into existing lighting setups. Its sturdy construction and reliable performance guarantee long-lasting use even in demanding environments.

Moreover, this downlight is equipped with adjustable beam angles, allowing users to direct the light exactly where it is needed, whether it's for highlighting specific areas or creating a broader illumination effect.

Elevate your lighting experience with the Downlight Tungsten 2 KW and enjoy powerful and versatile illumination that enhances any space or event.


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