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Continous Light Renting in Barcelona.

Briese Downlight HMI 2,5 KW

Downlight HMI 2,5 KW

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The Downlight HMI 2,5 KW is a high-quality and efficient lighting solution designed for various applications. With its powerful 2,5 KW output, this downlight offers excellent brightness and coverage, making it ideal for theaters, TV studios, or any professional setting that requires superior lighting.

Featuring an HMI bulb, this downlight ensures optimal color rendering, producing natural and accurate lighting that enhances the visual appeal of any scene or environment. The HMI technology also guarantees flicker-free operation, providing a comfortable and reliable lighting experience.

Equipped with a sturdy and durable housing, the Downlight HMI 2,5 KW is built to withstand rigorous use and delivers consistent performance. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy installation and portability, making it a versatile lighting solution for both indoor and outdoor settings.

With adjustable focus and beam angle, this downlight provides flexibility in directing and shaping the lighting according to your specific requirements. Its integrated cooling system ensures efficient heat dissipation, preventing overheating and maintaining the longevity of the bulb.

Whether you need to illuminate stages, film sets, or any other large-scale spaces, the Downlight HMI 2,5 KW offers a reliable and professional lighting solution that meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Upgrade your lighting setup with the Downlight HMI 2,5 KW for exceptional brightness, color accuracy, and reliability.


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